Tuesday, August 17, 2004

5th Leg: Saturnalia (Backtracked)

If you recall, in our last entry, there were no comic links from the site, so I was compelled to backtrack to the links page ofDiety Permit (third leg) and pick another link. In the end, I narrowed the links down to two possible comics, and decided which one to take by flipping a coin.

By: Space Coyote (Mysteeee-rious Pseudonym)

Genre and Setting: Sci-Fi, Futuristic, Cyberpunk

Art Style: Manga, Inks, Greyscale, sometimes color.

Is About: Sysreq, a loud-mouthed, hot-headed police officer who works for the city of Ampersand. While struggling to handle his personal problems, he inadvertantly stumbles across something that might shed light on why the humanoid androids in the futuristic city keep 'commiting suicide'.

Website: http://saturnalia.keenspace.com/
Frequency: Sporadic, to quote the site's own words.
Availability: Free


Edit 19/08/2004: I've been asked to take down the review.

To fill you guys in on what you might have missed; it was a glowing review and I was very very very impressed and delighted with Saturnalia.


The Next Leg:
A quick visit to Saturnalia's Links page (YES! Descriptions!) comes up with a lovely bunch of comics I've never heard of. The desciption for No Rest for the Wicked immediately catches my eye.
Based on various fairy tales. Very whimsical and fun to read. Nice, unique artwork, excellent writing.

Other than the magic words 'fairy tales', this is a independently-hosted comic, which gives it an edge because my last 5 comics were Keenspace ones. Nothing against Keenspace, but one can't stay in the same continent forever ;) . I don't want to end up like certain people, who live in the same country throughout their lives, and assume everything elsewhere should conform to them, and expect other people to know everything about their country yet display breath-taking ignorance about anything foreign. (People who think Malaysia is a province of China, or that it is next to Portugal, yeah I'm talking to you!). Oh, and I'm ranting now... whoops. Sorry.

Anyway... time to go abroad!


  1. Nice entry on Saturnalia. :) A few things: the latest comic page usually appears on the main site, but at the moment it's just an illustration, since the comic is between chapters. There are times when Space Coyote updates pretty regularly (two or three times a week), but she does take breaks when stressed and usually takes a break between chapters. The reason for the title is explained on the FAQ page, I think... "Saturnalia" was some old pagan festival where slaves get to give orders to their masters.

    Great idea for a weblog! This should be a very interesting journey.

  2. RPin here.

    This sucks, Ping... But I congratulate you for your courage in posting that review. And for what it's worth, it made me go read Saturnalia.

  3. Don't worry. I took down the review to be obliging, and not because it was demanded of me or anything. ;)