Wednesday, September 01, 2004

7th Leg: Scary Go-Round (Sidetracked)

Howdy, Folks! I'm aware it's been a long time since the last leg, but I've been talking a nice vacation on a nice tropical island (and I don't mean webcomic-wise). Of course, remote tropical islands don't have internet connections, so no logging in. Plus the bad bout of flu I had... (and am still having)

But now I'm back I'd like to present my log of my visit to not Flatwood as I promised earlier, but Scary-Go-Round.

What happened was basically this: Back in the links page of No Rest For The Wicked, I choose Flatwood as my next destination, but I accidentally clicked on the link for Scary-Go-Round instead. (Blame the malfunctioning scrollwheel) Normally I'd jsut go back, but I saw the art and stopped short. You see, I recognised the distinctive art style of John Allison, who did Bobbins, one of my favourite Keenspot comic which ended ages ago. Before I knew it, I was through most of the archives.

And since I did read through all that, I might as well post a log. I'll go back to Flatwood after this, but currently I guess I got sidetracked.

Comic: Scary Go Round
By: John Allison

Genre and Setting: Surreal-life, Modern Times, England

Art Style: Unique. Flat-colour, Cut-out, looks like Flash-work.

Is About: The outright weird adventures of a group of young adults.

Website: (Dumbrella)
Frequency: Mondays to Fridays
(Originally I couldn't find the information anywhere on the site, but God bless Ash Young and the Webcomic List)
Availability: Free

First Impressions and Presentation:
Pretty much: Oh my Goodness!!! That looks like Bobbins! It IS Bobbins! Except it's not Bobbins... But Oh hell, it's still Bobbins!

The Concept:
The concept isn't anything very spectacular. In fact I might say that the description sounds deceptively boring. I mean, 'The wacky adventures of Shelly Winters and her friends'? (The 'In England' part is optional, but shouldn't really change anything). Still, it seems to be factor that makes people remember it, because it's uh... English. Personally, I don't think it's really English, but more like what people who are not English think the English are like.

The Art:
The defining part of the comic. There are very people capable of doing John Allison's art style, although I reckon Rodrigo Pin Nitto's Flash-work could give him a run for his money.

But back to the point the art for Scary-Go-Round. Just stunning. Very thin or non-existent heavily outlines, flat-colours and odd but working porportions. The comic also has excellent layout and dynamic angles.

There's also another factor which makes the art enjoyable. And it doesn't directly relate to Jon's skill... except that it does. *everyone else is dizzy trying to make that out* If you've followed Jon Allinson's work back in Bobbins, you'd be amazed how this ever turned into this. Quite a difference, isn't it? If it doesn't inspire and give you hope, nothing does.

The Writing:
I think the most frequently used word to describe this series is 'quirky'.

Personally, the story and plots are downright strange and illogical, yet they do make sense in a round-a-bout fashion. (Hence the name Scary-Go-Round?) And despite the fact I live in London, I still don't get a lot of the jokes. Some people call this 'british wit'. Feh.

I really do like one aspect of the storytelling: Jon tells the story in seperate, self-contained chapters. Each story however, does have bearing on the next, making for some interesting continuity.

The stories do require some suspension of disbelief to enjoy as the plots frequently don't make sense. But then this series was never meant to be serious or realistic, but wacky. Hence, I don't think you should expect it to make sense.

Well, the comic is great, but sometimes it loses me. Also, I don't get some of the jokes, or the odd dialogue in general. It's may be just a problem with me, but it does hamper my enjoyment of what is otherwise a fantastic comic.

Go in with an open mind, don't expect it to be serious and enjoy.

The Next Leg:

I promised Flatwood, but I got side-tracked. Going back on track now. Stay tuned, folks!

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  1. Twenty Four mentions over at the Comixpedia forums that Jon acutally uses illustrator.

    Damn. If only I knew how to do that...