Monday, October 04, 2004

10th Leg: GigaWhut?

Today's leg is kind of a random pick. If you recall, I closed my eyes and clicked on a random button back at Spells & Whistles... which brought me to the website of GigaWhut?

By the way, since this is the 10th leg and all, it might be interesting if I explained how I write these review things a bit.

I have a set template for each leg of the journey, each with its own set of fields. The first field I fill for every review in is NOT Comic Name, but rather, the First Impressions and Presentation field. Why? Well... I think first impressions are very important. A lot of people judge by first impressions... thus I'm curious to note how accurate first impressions are.

As I proved in the review of The N00b, first impressions can sometimes be inaccurate, but it's fun shooting my mouth off at what I think the comic will be like.

Anyway, after I fill in the 'First Impressions' field, I READ the comic and review it.

Like I shall commence doing now.

Comic: GigaWhut?
By: Brian Maze

Genre and Setting: Real-Life, High School/University Story/Humour

Art Style: Stylised Cartoony, Black and White, Inked(?)

Is About: Some kid in university, apparently.

Frequency: Thursdays, but actual updating appears random and erratic
Availability: Free

First Impressions and Presentation:
Okay... let me just be honest and admit I wasn't very impressed by my first look. There shouldn't be any reason, really. The website design is sleek and professional... and the art while vaguely familiar is quite adequate...

Familiar? Ok. I retract my previous statement. I understand why this comic disturbs me now...

The art style and website design look like PvP clones!

Geez. Now I'm in a moral dilemma. I shouldn't judge a comic just by a resemblance... but HNTRAC sense, tingling... I have a baaaad feeling about this...

...which turns out to be justified. The first comic is a broken image dated last year, and the second one is a 'Coming Soon in two weeks' strip...


Holy Crap!

This comic is only threee (proper) strips old!

The Concept:
Can't really see much of it yet, but seems to me like another typical university story involving the wacky adventures of a guy and his wacky pals.

Or so I think.

The Art:
I said adequate, and so it is... nice clean lines and easily readable text...

But it lacks individuality because even if the artist did not intend it at all, the entire art style seems to scream: "I wanna be like Scott Kurtz!". In fact it reminds me of this How Not To Run a Comic strip by Digital War.

I guess I really value individuality, huh? But I don't think I'm imagining this one, folks. The art is eeriely close, down to the way they draw torsos... It's like Penny Arcade faces on PvP bodies!

The Writing:
Let's be realistic. There's been a grand total of three strips so far. I really am in no position to comment of the state of the writing.

I will say it seems passable, although forgettable. Narration done is first person seems to be smooth enough. There are no mistakes in the dialogue although I feel inclined to point out that 'Slogan' is spelled with an 'A' and not 'Slogon'.

Edit: I've been informed that the banner with the misspelled word in fact, belongs to another comic. My apologies on the mistake.

There really isn't enough for me to judge, really.

Feels too much like a PvP clone, not enough strips in archive to disprove it yet.

I'll reserve comment on this because it's not fair as it hasn't really gotten started yet.

Although if I were a casual reader I suspect I'd be tip-toeing away from this site before I even read the comic just because of the front page impression.

Sorry, but that's the truth.

This must be my first negative review. I guess I ought to not trust random choice, eh?

The Next Leg:
There's a nice bunch of dinky links button on the right of the main page.

Just because it stands out from the sea of human faces, I picked the chicken.


  1. do you know anything about art?

    "Inked?" ... it's obviously penned over in illustrator.

    The only similarity this comic shares with PvP is that it is in black and white and penned in illustrator. And it's a cartoon. Cartoons are stylized. This artist stylizes in a different way from PvP, or InkTank, or many other black and white artists out there. Sure, it's nondescript art, but it's not derivative of anything, let alone PvP.

    You're an idiot. Stop reviewing anything.

  2. Firstly, as I've disclaimed and you've obviously haven't bothered to read, this is my blog, and everything on it expressed is my opinion, and my opinion only. And this is reviewed from the point of view of a READER not a critic. I don't need artist credentials to be able to do that.

    All that said, I Do have the full artist credentials to do that. :) But frankly, things like that don't mean anything to me when it comes to reviewing. I stick to the method of presenting an opinion, then presenting reasons and explanations why I think so.

    Secondly, it doesn't matter what kind of tool you use to ink IF THE END RESULT LOOKS EXACTLY THE SAME AS SOMETHING ELSE. I'm not a method snob. You could use your pinky toe dipped in blood for all I care, if it ends up looking exactly the same, I'm going to comment that it looks the same.

    Thirdly, I've already discussed this with the artist himself, and he did admit there were similarities. Whether or not it was intentional or not, it was to his benefit and his choice to make the changes. (Also see the discussion he had about it in his forum)

    I've put reasons to this why I think it's a derivative. You insisted it's not. You've yet to put any. I'm open to discussion on opinions as long as you have something to back you up when you shoot your mouth off.

    Also stop posting anonymously then I'll start taking you seriously. I'm just a girl, there's no need to be so scared of me you can't take responsibility for what you say.

    ps: Thanks for my first anonymous hate comment. I must be doing something right if I stuck something this close to home to have someone have a knee-jerk reaction! :D I'm definitely going to keep on reviewing now!

    In fact I've been lazy with the updating last few days, but now thanks to you, I'm all psyched up for the next leg. Cheers, dude!

    ps again: In case anyone is reading this, the comment before this obviously ISN'T written by Brian Maze, the creator of Gigawhut?. Brian is a sweet guy, and completely rational and open-minded unlike some other people.