Thursday, December 02, 2004

Stopover at Digger: Oh my Ganesh...

I hate pigeons. They stalk my kitchen window, and if the window is open anything bigger than a crack, they sneak in the moment I turn my back. After they've wrecked the loaf of bread or my home-baked cookies (SACRILEGE!) or whatever food's around, they leave unwanted offerings on the table and floor that require me and my flatmates disinfecting the kitchen afterwards.

In short, they're rats with wings.

Except that I've never seen the inverse called a pigeon... until now.

(Actually, I don't think I've ever seen the inverse either, now when I come to think of it... heh)

But the CUTE! First oracular slugs and now winged temple-rats... what wonders will that woman unleash next?

One thing's for sure: if Ursula Vernon makes a shirt out of that, I know where my next Graphic Smash paycheck is going...


  1. I'm totally stealing this for a Snark.


    But I'm crediting you. So it's not a shameless theft.

  2. *grin* Ah the rare honest thief!

    You sure you weren't going to just "borrow it and return it to me later... honest?!" ;)

  3. I think the world needs more metaphorical rodent/bird hybrids. And we all need shotguns. So we can...y'know...exercise philosophical debates over the existence of said metaphors. Or something. I dunno, brain is mush due to Master's Thesis.

  4. Aw, thank you! Glad you like the little guys!

  5. 'like' is an understatement, Ursula ;) Loves!

  6. But Ping, without Pigeons in the world what will homeless guys eat?

  7. Can't be any big impact..., they don't seem to be keeping the numbers down anyway...

  8. A-HA!
    You dare insult the race of pigeons?
    This will not stand! Fredo & Pid'Jin shall have their vengeance....