Wednesday, December 01, 2004

Stopover at Magellan: Hey, if someone thought my dad was sexy, I'd feel freaked out too!

I originally discovered Magellan through Loxie and Zoot, which is a comic for discussion for another day. But as the reason I started reading Magellan was because it was done as the same guy as the one who did Loxie and Zoot, it's somewhat ironic that I like Magellan more than Loxie and Zoot now.

Generally, I'm not crazy about superhero comics. It might be because I had minimal exposure to them during my childhood (a few X-men episodes, maybe some Fantastic Four, Spiderman and Batman, and none of them complete series.) and that wasn't enough to really turn me into a full fledged-fan. I mean, I don't even know what Rogue's real name is, now when I think of it.

So I think I must have been a bit on the oldish side when I finally moved to an area where there were actually comic shops and I had the freedom to peruse them. Now the problem is, I look at these comics through the eyes of a semi-adult, and not as a kid. As a result, I see mostly the flaws and loopholes instead of what presumably people call "The Magic".

It's a shame, but as a result the superhero genre didn't really hold any appeal for me, except maybe the challenge of seeing if I could do better.

Magellan is a superhero comic. But the reason I really like Magellan is that it defies the conventions of traditional superhero-ism, and actually tries to make sense scientifically. Stephen Crowley has really worked things out in the background, and the characters are believably portrayed. Flawed. With quirks and habits. Human despite their inhumaness, you know?

Most of all, the main character, Kaycee is a norm (person without superpowers) trying to keep up with a whole bunch of people WITH superpowers. Of all superheroes, the ones I like most are the ones without powers (i.e, Batman). Most superheroes tend to be defined by their powers (The energy blasting character, the speeder character, the powerhouse character etc).

A super-hero without powers is special, not because of he/she was born with abilities other people don't have, but because he/she worked for and gained abilities people don't have. They start off with the same attributes we did, but somehow they pushed themselves into doing much more. Yet because they don't have god-given (or not god-given), powers, they're still as vulnerable as the people they strive to protect.

And despite all this, they do what they do. It's compelling. And for me, that justifies the 'hero' in the 'super-hero'.

Oh, and today's comic showing at Graphic Smash:

Gotta side with Charisma on this one. If someone my age thought my dad was hot, I think I'd feel freaked out too.


  1. I mean, I don't even know what Rogue's real name is, now when I think of it.Was that a joke? :) Rogue's real name was never revealed in the comics or in the cartoon (at least not while I was reading, which was admittedly a long time ago). As far as I know the movie writers had to make one up.

    Anyway, yay Magellan. I've been enjoying it for a while now myself.

    Also, have you seen The Incredibles yet?


  2. No, that was really just me exhibiting how little I know of X-men. As is evident, I didn't know Rogue's real name wasn't ever mentioned... I just assumed that I just never got around to learning it.

    Haven't yet seen The Incredibles, tickets have always been sold out, but I'm going to watch it with my friends the first chance I get.

    It's been torture not to read people's reviews and raves of it; I didn't want to spoil the experience. Although I did see the trailer...

  3. It's not surprising that you like Magellan more than L&Z: on the whole, Magellan is a better comic (and I'm saying that as someone who likes L&Z a lot).
    Magellan has much more detailed, considered art (which is not as dominated by green and skin tones as L&Z is) and a complex, ambitious storyline. Its characters are well written and Magellan is propaganda-free. I love both comics but I love Magellan a little bit more these days.

    Reinder Dijkhuis

  4. Well, the thing with Loxie and Zoot is that it's more of a niche comic. Not everyone will agree with nudism, although it does help people (like me) understand it much better.

    Magellan on the other hand, has a bigger potential audience, since it'll appeal to both fans and non-fans of the superhero genre.

    And there's less splattering of attention on the characters too. We know Kaycee is the main character. For Loxie and Zoot, it's a range of characters.