Monday, January 24, 2005

Stopover at Comixpedia: "The Essence of..." debuts

I'm down with food poisoning, so don't really feel like talking much. Just a quick heads-up to check out Comixpedia for my odd little column-comic: The Essence of....

It was never my intention to start yet another project, but Xerexes tracked me down ;) Initially I wasn't keen on doing more reviews, but then I happened to have a brainwave that I wanted to try out... It should be obvious the first 'Essence' is a prototype, and the later ones will be quite different.

Anyways, YES, I am working on Dinosaur comics, just so you know. I'm about halfway through the archives now, but that archive is HUGE and the nature of the writing does not allow me to whizz through them like I'd be able to with a story comic.

Ok, I shall return to cussing cafeteria operators now.

1 comment:

  1. Food poisoning? Ugh. My sympathies. Then again, this is why I learned not to eat in the school cafeteria (the fact that my undergrad school's cafeteria manager was at one point actually purposely purchasing low-quality meat and such so he could skim money off the top for himself has absolutely nothing to do with my decision...except for, y'know, justifying it).

    But I dig "The Essence Of..." idea. Very cool.