Saturday, January 29, 2005

Stopover at Darken: Possibly the Lovechild of Zebra Girl and College Roomies From Hell?

My stopovers seem to be reading like "I Read Keenspace So You Don't Have To!" lately, but hey... that's what this blog is here for. Finding the more obscure (but still all goodness) stuff.

I came across this one via our previous stopvers (Nahast, if you recall). They had an amusing end-of-year crossover that was actually good (As opposed to the done-to-death A meet B, fight erupts between A and B, A and B call a truce and then join forces to whop the ass of C etc.). Anyway, it piqued my interest.

I must say, the art for Darken is deliciously distinctive. The closest I can come to describing it is what I have written in the stopover title: a cross between Maritza Campos' College Roomies From Hell (art style and colour) and Joe England's Zebra Girl (Use of crosshatching). Yummy I say!

Oh yes, I should tell you what kind of comic it is. It's basically action-adventure set in a fantasy world. Yes there are elves and drow and all that... and it IS about a motley band of adventurers on a quest.

"What's this?" You say? "Weren't you groaning about how unoriginal and cliched that set-up was a few posts ago?"

"Hah!" I reply. "But there's a twist here! You see, our motley band of adventurers are on a quest to... wait for it...


And presumably enslave the population and all that. And kill lots of things on the way."

Try beating that for a twist!

It makes me fall in love with the fantasy 'genre' all over again.


  1. Reading Darken on a whim was one of the best things I'd done in a while. I patiently wait for each new page.

    Good stuff. Good choice for a stopover!

  2. I think I wasn't sure if I'd like Darken when I started the first few pages, but after Gort showed up everything got so much more interesting.

    And what can I say? The dragon priestess rocks!

  3. No More Spam for YOU!!!!! Heheh I like the comic alot but updating is a reader BEST Friend! Yeppers, so hurry, because THE PLOT SHALL THICKIN!!!!


  4. This is probably one of the better web comics out there, it even has an awesome star wars reference in it. But still none the less every character has their motives. over all a very good series that I can't wait to finish