Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Stopover at Nahast: So good that I keep visiting the website and refreshing the page!

I remember my first fanmail.

Some of you who have webcomics may hate me for it, but it arrived barely a day or two right after I started The Jaded on... wait for it... my Onetel ISP webspace. I lost the mail long ago due to computer death, but one line in that mail has always remained in my head:
"I like the comic so much I keep visiting the website and refreshing the page, hoping for an early update."

While this may sound like hyperbole to some of you, let me assure you it really happens to people.

Me, for instance. I read a lot of comics, and some I like straight away, some I dislike at first but grow me on as time passes and some I initially like but get disenchanted with after a while.

And sometimes... very rarely... but sometimes, I run into a webcomic that I like so much that when it makes me do what the quote mentions: Keep going back to the site and refreshing the page.

It's sad, I know, but hey... don't any of you dare tell me you haven't ever felt the same way about something at one point in your lives!

Anyway, this happened to me yesterday... The comic that did it?

Nahast: The Lands of Strife

With a line like that, he pretty much had me hooked from first look. Generally I'm not a big fan of fantasy comics that are derivatives of Tolkien (That includes the DnD derivatives), but this just takes the concept and it doesn't just run with it... it soars like a Skrii'qek through the skies of Beldatz!

Alejandro, I'm sorry, but if you noticed an unsual spike in your pageviews yesterday... but yeah, that was me. *shamefaced*

ps: And here something cool... fellow webcomics bloggers Daku and Zampzon are doing something of an Internet Webcomics Talkshow/Podcast. I love the idea and definitely will be listening in every week! (And by some curious coincidence, it covers 4 webcomics I happen to read, and even mentions Keenspace at the end!) Oh and while you're at it, don't forget to check out the rest of the blog!

ps again: I'm almost three thirds of the way through Dinosaur Comics! Yay me!

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