Monday, February 21, 2005

Stopover at Comixpedia: "The Essence of... Infinity Canvas"

I'm still writing the Ascent leg, but just wanted to to give a quick head's up in the meantime; there's a new The Essence Of... comic over at Comixpedia.

This month's comic is based on Scott McCloud's "I Can't Stop Thinking!" series, which you can read here.

My schedule is a tad busy right now, currently it runs:

  1. Run around like a idiot who has never seen snow while it's snowing
  2. University work
  3. Dragonforce Concert
  4. Write Ascent Leg
  5. University work
  6. Apply for jobs
  7. Build up The Jaded buffer
  8. Juggle
  9. University work
  10. Work on next Comixpedia submission
  11. Update Keenspace Gear
  12. University work
  13. Sleep when possible

Well... you get the idea. At least my life isn't being wasted. ;)

1 comment:

  1. Hey, Ping, I very much liked your "Essence of... Infinity Canvas". A very polished piece, fun and energetic, that is one of the best 'pro and con' assessment of infinite canvas I've ever seen.

    --Joe Zabel