Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Stopover at The Daily Grind: Damnit Bob! I nearly spit tea on my monitor... AGAIN!

I'm sure the majority of you have heard ofThe Daily Grind competition already. I mean it's been Comixpedia'ed, Websnarked AND Slashdotted, that's a LOT of publicity.

The first two losers being declared already, and I'm curious to see if Zampzon's fallout prediction over at Digital Strips is going to be on the spot. I think he's got a point, and so far it seems to be accurate, but it remains to be seen if where it runs true all the way or not.

Anyway, with the Keenspace servers being flakey and the recent rucki (Thinking about it, shouldn't that be the plural of 'ruckus'? And yes, I will keep on using that word because I like it. Ruckus ruckus ruckus!) over at Keenspot, I found the following comic incredibly funny and couldn't believe I missed blogging about it:

The following should be taken with a big pinch of salt, a good sense of humour, and some knowledge about the webcomics world, just so you know.

That last panel is a gem, especially.

This was a quick little comic by Bob Oosterwijk, whom I will hopefully get to meet at the UK Web and Mini Comics Thing on Saturday! (Click on the picture to see the comic in full-sized, and two others besides! AND Chris Crosby's response to it).

The funny thing is that these comics were created long before the Grind started dropping people, Keenspace started going flakey and the whole Keenspot Anti-Gay/PvP/Penny-Arcade thing.

Maybe Zampzon isn't the only one good at making predictions here ;)

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