Friday, March 04, 2005

Stopover at Shivae: A gem hiding in plain sight!

I was surfing around recently, trying to think of an idea for my next Comixpedia column, when I caught the sight of an intriguing thumbnail in one of the sponsor links.

So I clicked it, and pretty much found a gem of a webcomic I'd missed.

Remember me mentioning something about comics that hook you from the first few pages? Add Shivae to the list.

This comic is one of the rare ones that do not have any humans in the cast. It's also one of the rarer fantasy webcomics that do not borrow from Tolkien, and has its own original world. Lastly, it's also one of those comics where there are protagonists and antagonists, not good guys and bad guys. Shades of grey.

All those score a lot of points in my book.

Add to the delicious colouring work, the pretty art and the charming storytelling, you have something I really and highly recommend.

I'm sorry to say though, after the first few pages, I noticed the Keenspot banner on the top and my first reaction was: "Huh? It's on Keenspot?"

Now, before you wonder why, I mean no belittling of Keenspot by this... I'm just surprised that it is in Keenspot, that's all. Not because I don't think it deserves it (it certainly does, it's an excellent comic). No, I'm surprised because I read a lot of Keenspot comics, and for some reason I somehow missed knowing about a comic that I wish I had found much much earlier.

The archives indicate it's been there for a long time, and it's apparently done by the same person who does Alien Dice. Admitedly, I don't read Alien Dice, but I've been following Keenspot comics since what... 2000? And I could have sworn I've gone over the listing in main page many times, and although I don't read all of them I thought I knew the Keenspot lineup. Yet somehow... I missed seeing this comic among the lot.

In fact, if it wasn't for's thumbnail system, I may never had stumbled across this gem hiding in plain sight. And somehow that disturbs me that I found it from a webcomics directory instead of the Keenspot site.

If anyone from Keenspot is reading this, I have a suggestion: You know, the mouseover thing on the Keenspot front page is all very cool and all, but how about and extra page with just simple thumbnail links where you can see all of the comics lineup at once? It's not that hard to do, you don't have to even replace the front page, but I think it'd be more effective. Pretty please? Of course, if something like this already exists, and I missed it, please do direct me to it, someone.

But anyway, just goes to show, no matter how many times you look at something, and how much you think you know about it, you can never quite see the whole of it.

It does make me wonder... How many more comics are there out there that I will love and would dump my current read list for instead that I just haven't found?

Argh, like Gianna says: So many comics, so little time...


  1. Why thank you. :)

    Well, it's not listed because they can't list every comic that I do and until recently... only one of my comics was listed on the main page, Alien Dice. As of last weekend, Shivae Studios was added (Which is the hub site and I will be uploading Shivae! directly there instead of what is currently there in a few days. I had a dilemna on how to use the slots I was allowed and still show people that I do OTHER comics. Shivae! is now one of the top three priorities.) and Akaelae was added. I had been asking on and off about it because these three comics have completely different audience bases and little overlap.

    Yes, there are other comics that other spotters use that are not on the main page ...

  2. Ok, that does make me feel a little better to know I didn't miss it that badly ;)

    I do think from a reader point of view though, that Keenspot should at list every comic in its lineup, creator slots or not.

    Sure, it might seem a little unfair to the some of the creators, but I thought the point of Keenspot was to provide a portal to a collection of comics, not a collection of comci creators. What use is the portal if it doesn't list all that is there?

    Besides, it could be justified that creating multiple comics is much harder than creating just one ;) That ought to warrant a complete listing page, at the very least...