Friday, March 04, 2005

Stopover at the UK Web and Mini-Comics Thing: I have a little blue ticket stuck to my wall!

Just a quick head's up to announce that on March 19th, I will be going to...

... as a visitor. I'm not exhibiting anything, as I don't have the time to organise and get a table and make stuff to sell.

But I will be there, checking out the stalls of all those great webcomics. Maybe I'll get a some Scary-Go-Round mechandise for Mos, and I'll definitely take lots of pictures and post them here. Of course, no one's going to to know who I am, much less recognise me, but hey, I'm fine with that... it's my very first Con after all.

Oh, I should mention that I am also planning on participating in their 24 minute comic event. Originally, I hadn't really decided and was pondering if it was possible to do it with the other people I'm planning to meet up with, so I emailed the person in charge and asked for more details.

Not only did she give me those details... she added me to the list.

I blinked twice, then decided... "Oh hell... why not?"

Carpe diem. Seize the day! This is just going to be so much fun.


  1. Hey, cool. I should wave at you and pretend to shake my fist about articles or something. :)

  2. damn! wish i was in the UK right about now...
    make sure digital war doesn't get the drop on you or you might end up dead! looking forward to those photos and scans of whatever you whip up in the 24 minute comic.

  3. I'm always on the wrong side of the Atlantic.

    Stupid ocean...

  4. Man, all the cool stuff happens on another continent.

  5. Weds: You just made me feel very glad I submitted my latest column to Kelly already ;)

    You know it strange. I thought all the cool cons happened in the US...

  6. Cons, smons. Look at all the cool stuff England had before the US--English. The Beatles. Crumpets. The Beatles.

  7. I still wish I lived over there so I could make it to that. Don't know why, but a comic con in the UK sounds like it would be awesome. You've got some great talents over in both comics and music! Give them to us!

    I could have gone to a con while I was in Barcelona two years ago. I regret not going to this day.