Saturday, March 19, 2005

Stopover at the UK Web and Mini comics Thing: Tired but triumphant, I return!

Well, I just got home from the UK web and mini comics thing. My 24-minute comic has been drawn, I didn't throw up over anyone due to nervousness and demophobia, and met LOTS of awesome people. Pictures and report coming soon...

For now I need a shower and sleep. I am dead-tired.

The Report

10.30AM: I met up with Bob, Adam, Ewan, Simon in front of the British Museum.

Next, Kate and John, showed up, and then Al Foreman...

AT 11.00AM we set off in the direction of Mile End taking the Central Line.

The poor other passengers in the carriage had to put up with eight rather hyper webcomic artists fooling around with the Keenspace hat and cameras galore.

We arrived at the convention and I had to rush off for the 24 minute comic thing. However all my worries about arriving punctual were fruitless as the management seemed to be missing from their booth. I was so nervous about the comic that my hand kept shaking and I couldn't draw a straight line.

To be continued...

EDIT: Pictures! and even more pictures!

Still more reports and sketches and videos if I can find some place to stash em!


  1. waaah! i'm green with envy. sounds like you had fun!

  2. I can safely say I wouldn't have missed it for the world. I have so much work to catch up in now... but it was worth it!