Monday, March 07, 2005

Webcomic Obituaries #1

Spells and Whistles, the creation of Tauhid Bondia. Gained noteriety tangling with Scott Kurtz, escaped, went on hiatus, and came back again. Was ambitious, but died suddenly and without warning.

Teo and Sara, creation of Jorge Hernadez. Was charming and showed great promise. Preferred to die with dignity rather than linger on as an incomplete memory. Will be remembered regardless.

NeTrek, creation of Simon Shepherd. Ended and found a higher calling. Godspeed and all the best, Sij.

Gigawhut?, creation of Brian Maze. Plugged to soon, Found too soon, Websnarked too soon, currently Missing in Action. Have you seen this webcomic?



  1. Interesting and rather sad entry, Ping. It sometimes surprises me just how high the rate of attrition is in webcomics. It seems too many of the good ones disappear too quickly, and too many of the ones we just wish would go away seem to linger for eons.

  2. So far the ones I wrote obtuaries for are comics are are confirmed to be 'no longer there or updating again ever'.

    If I included the ones that just went on hiatus, I'd have a whole graveyard! (Sortelli, Sotelli, Sortelli, where are you?)

    It is a rather sad topic, but there were a few I really wanted to mention, especially Teo and Sara because I really really liked it, and the site will not longer exist after the end of May.

  3. Aww ... thanks.

    *hug and a turtle brownie*