Thursday, April 21, 2005

Stopover at Count Your Sheep: Oddly approriate timing...

I'm a humongous Count Your Sheep fan. (Or Sheepheads, as some people call them). I was nuts about CYS back when it started, I'm still nuts about CYS now.

Now though CYS it deals a lot in nostalgic innocence and heart-warming moments, it's also a humour strip. And like most people who make humour strips know very well, it's hard coming up with a funny joke every day. I'm not sure I could do it, I have tremendous respect for those who try.

Humour strips are generally hit-or-miss affairs. Some days you get stuff that's so-and-so, and on other you get stuff that makes you laugh so hard you fall of your chair. CYS is no exception, but Adis has been on a roll lately, I really wanted to point out a couple of noteworthy strips:

Firstly, I really like the artistic experiment Adis tried with the background on this strip. It just works really well.

Secondly, there's last weeks Bruised Purgatory strip, which was responsible for a peal of very hysterical laughter from my room startling everyone in the vicinity. I use that particular phrase a lot myself, so it really strikes a chord. I wonder what people would think if I started using the other alternative? ;)

And then there's today's one-paneller:

With all the feminism talk lately, that was uncanny.

That just about sums it, really. The reason why I like CYS so much is that on a day of madness, it can still make me laugh.


  1. Adis HAS been up to some good stuff. It was never a wonder that you were in his corner as far as getting CYS 'spotted back in the day.

    On a sidenote...I refuse to be called a Sheephead, if only because it sounds a lot like something else that I get called frequently...

  2. Indeed. I'm often one of the people calling him that...but only 'cause he deserves it.

    But yes, CYS is wonderful. It's so nice to find a strip that maintains that sense of wonder and whimsy in a day and age when most people think you have to have violence or curse words to attract an audience (not that there's anything WRONG with violence or curse words, mind, but it's nice to have a variety, y'know?).

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  4. *notices the removed previous post*

    Isn't Frank Grimes the guy that went crazy and fried himself on the Simpsons years ago?

  5. Don't know about that, but in this context he's the guy who spammed my blog.

    NOBODY spams my blog and gets away with it!

  6. Awesome! I've been reading CYS since its incipience, and it's gotten better and better. It's ridiculously cute and funny. Did you see today's strip? He plugged your plug, as well as my own.

  7. Cool! I'm not sure how I missed that, but I realised that when I saw the massive spike in my webalizer logs! Cheers!

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  9. "NOBODY spams my blog and gets away with it!"

    Ha, ha, ha! So I see! XD


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  11. If there is a special hell for spammers, I truly hope it has the hellfire on "extra hot and painful" setting...