Saturday, May 07, 2005

Stopover at Girl-A-Matic: Read it, you know you wanna!

It's a little late for a post on this (give me a break, it's finals!), but today is (still) Free Comic Book Day. Apparently this is day that comic publishers give out free comics to encourage readership.

For webcomics this usually doesn't mean much because most web comics are usually free anyway, but with the event of subscription-based comics, FCBD takes on a whole new significance.

Today is Free Comic Book Day 2005, Modern Tales has announced that all series on anthology site Girl-A-Matic are free to view for a 24-hour period. I realise a few people may be unfavourably indisposed towards the site due to the feminism 'debate' we had not to long ago, but since the opportunity's there, it would be a great idea to check out the comics when you have the chance to.

It's hard for me to do this, because there are so many comics on the site, but I thought it'd be great to take this opportunity to give a shout out to some of my recommended GAM comics:

Ok, I'm biased, and I admit it: Lynn's a friend of mine. All that said, this was the comic that drew me into following GAM comics. Jupiter is a circus girl with problems belonging, and runs away from the circus and joins a school ;). Paradoxes, jokes, strong character interactions and one hot knife-thrower...

Um... Damnit, did I type that last part out?

Kismet: Hunter's Moon
Someone once described "The Jaded" as a spy thriller. I'm not sure how that came about, but Kismet... now THAT's a spy thriller. Dark, atmospheric, bloody, and intriguing. If you think that GAM's all about 'girly' comics, this one will prove you very very wrong.

Bite Me!
Dylan Meconis is a comedic genius. Bite Me! is just plain FUN and Funny. Tired of the usual Anne-Rice-esque angsty vampire comics? Bite Me! is a whole new twist on the genre, delightfully and subtly satirical, and a completed comic to boot! I love this comic!

This one's a bit odd, but one thing you can't deny the art is jaw-dropping. The writing and story content is a Marmite-case (i.e. You'll either love it or hate it), and the subject matter is definitely not run-of-the-mill and might be a tad controversial. The story of two friends trying to make their way through a futuristic world... but they're not exactly what they seem.

There are loads more GAM comics that are great, but I'm sorry to say if I keep on writing, I'll miss the deadline and the archives will be closed.

Also um... not sure if you'll be interested, but for a few more hours, the archives to this comic are kinda open for the next few hours too. Maybe I flatter myself, but if you've ever been curious well... now's the time.

Happy FCBD!


  1. Oh this is just great.

    I find about the whole thing after the damn day is over. I completely forgot about FCBD (probably because we don't have any of that in Brazil).


  2. Sorry Pin :( There was a bit of confusion about it, since it was the first time MT ever did FCBD, else I would have blogged about it earlier.

    Unless Joey changes his mind, the same thing should be happening next year...

  3. No, shame's on me for not CHECKING your blog earlier.

    In fact, I heard MH commenting in the chat room about how she just finished reading Wisdom of Moo , and I was about to ask if she got a GAM subscription or what. Only I was sort of tired from reading two theather plays and forgot about it.

  4. fortunately i got a change to rummage... i'd been trying to follow most GAM comics on a daily visit kind of basis, but the crash blew that plan out of the water. there are plenty of good comics there (i don't really buy that they're 'comics for women' at all, if anything it's mostly like modern tales.... but i won't get into that debate again ;) ). anyway - 'the stiff' is pretty amazing (if not a bit gruesome!), the comics ping mentioned and 'smile' are also excellent. i liked 'hereville' but there's not enough of it yet to draw a solid conclusion. worth a sub i'd say.

  5. You know what I find just a little too amusing? We keep abbreviating Girl-A-Matic as GAM, a slang term for women's legs. That just causes me to giggle.