Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Stopover at Websnark: Oh the Drama!

Yes, I'm a little busy at the present. Watch out for WCCA part 3 shortly and Super Hero Vindibudd next week or so.

In the meantime, Websnark has some pretty hot discussion going on. Lots of drama, but the one thing that really caught my attention was this:

Chris Crosby:
on Monday, the Keen Four voted unanimously on what to change the name [of Keenspace] to. There should be a public announcement of the name later this week.

By the 5th anniversary of KeenSPACE (June 2005), every site should begin switching over to the new name and URL.

Needless to say, this is going to affect a lot of people. Some will be elated and some complain.

Me? I'll be crossing my fingers and hoping the name they chose is a good one.


  1. Hmm...makes me wonder if maybe now is the time to looking into how to change the url of Dim Bulb to I know Adam owns that web address thingie, but I've no idea what is required to set it up rather like you've got the Jaded or Ryan Kolter has Reasoned Cognition. I assume it's possible to do, obviously, I just have no idea what it takes.

  2. Chuck: search the forum help. You have to do some settings on your domain configurations and then request Kisai to do some on the DNS.

  3. *groan* I have to get around to writing the gear tutorial for that.

  4. New name: Ghastly N Pals

  5. This may be stating the obvious, but it is to everyone’s advantage to have their own domain name, IMHO. That may not be feasible for everyone and that’s understandable, but it is an investment everyone should at least think about.

  6. True, Jamie, and thankfully my co-conspirator already owns the domain. We just need to get all the stuff set up as RPin said.

    Personally, I like the idea of Ghastly'n'Pals. I can just imagine the logo, and it frightens me.