Monday, June 27, 2005

Being Irresponsible Again

I forget to mention that I'm currently being very very very irresponsible regarding my online projects. Not only is my The Jaded buffer at an all-time low (I'm so sorry T. Please don't kill me!) I haven't been particularly active with blogging either. And I still have a half-completed review that I haven't the heart to just bang out haphazardly because I dont't want to produce some half-assed review so I can run away and go play in the sunshine.

I'm also currently up in Cardiff, Wales at the moment, visiting MosHunter. We're going for the U2 concert in Millenium Stadium, and the fact that their supporting act is The Killers (which is another band that rocks my socks off) makes this a not-to-be-missed-no-not-even-for-webcomics experience.

Add to the fact I'm graduating, I have to see to a hundred and one things. (My God. My graduation gown makes me look like I'm about to enroll into Hogwarts!)

However, for distraction value, check out the latest issue of Comixpedia for the latest The Essence Of... Full credit for the golden-haired virgins goes to my friend Alan.

Speaking of Golden... damnit, it's still my turn. It never rains but it pours.


  1. Oh noes! You're out there having a life instead of sitting in front of the computer and entertaining us 24/7? How could you! You OWE us free comics and commentary! OWE US!!!!!!1111one11eleven

    Oh, and enjoy U2. I'm envious.

  2. There's sunshine in Wales? And that said, I don't mind you taking breaks. Graduation is serious business. :)

  3. Yes, relax and have some well-deserved fun on the surface world. The internet will still be here when you get back. ;)

    - Aja