Thursday, July 21, 2005

Oh Here We Go With the Goddamn Helicopters Again.

I woke up to the sound of helicopters again. And this time around I didn't pay them as much attention, as they've been flying over quite regularly since the London Bombings a couple of weeks ago.

But just as I was about to set off, I got a call from my sister, and heard that some wanker bombed Warren Street station. (I'm told it was a nail bomb, not as serious as the last one)

I live in the Euston Towers area. My nearest tube station IS Warren Street. I pass that every day, I take that quite frequently, and would have been passing there if I had left a bit earlier. I suppose it was my guardian angel who was telling me I ought to have some breakfast before I go, which was what delayed me today.

Now the entire area is covered in police tape, I couldn't leave the building if I wanted to, and police, emergency services and reporters are effing everywhere. They just arrested some guy outside my hall.

Geez. Living in Central London sure ain't boring, is it?


  1. Where were you about to go? It was really hard to get you on the phone... another symtom like 2 weeks ago? Anyway, glad you are safe though now trapped in your hall again!

  2. Yeah I had 3-4 people trying to call me all day who couldn't get through. Network went crazy. *sigh*

  3. Christ... More bombings?!

  4. Hey Ping, if you ever need anything during these emergencies, give me a call on Skype, nick is "gianna.masetti".

    Today it was really eerie for me, I went to the gym and as I walked in I saw that nobody was doing any exercise, they were all standing perfectly still and watching at the big tv screen on the wall behind my back. I have to admit that when I saw that it was only a "minor" alert I was really relieved! Anyway I cycle everywhere these days, screw the busses and tubes - it's too paranoid.

  5. By the way, it's Gianna from "the noob" if you're wondering who the hell I am :)

  6. Good grief. Glad you're still ok.

    ...Seems like moving to Iraq might be a safer choice these days...

  7. Yeah, be careful.
    I don't exactly how you would do that, but...

  8. If the terrorists are trying to inspire mass paranoia, they seem to be doing a good job. Good grief.. Stay safe, Ping.