Saturday, October 29, 2005

So ok, I'm still Alive

Time flies when you're running around applying for jobs and going for interviews. I do apologise to those of you who worried about me. I didn't realise over a month had passed before Kelly over at Comixpedia gave me a poke about my Essence contribution. Which, btw, you can read here. I grouse a lot about vampires there.

As you will no doubt have noticed, there is a new review below. Hooray!

Lastly, if any of you feel like pimping comics, this is the time to do it. I'm looking for recommendations for comics with a mystery theme to them. Please post them in the comments section and I will be very grateful (and so would the creator, I suppose.)

I'm still going to be busy. I've had to put The Jaded on hold and am barely managing to keep The Longest Sojourn running, but one thing at a time, and as much as I love comics, some things are just more important sometimes.

Aaannd it's 2 am in the morning, I am going to sleep.


  1. A Webcomic with a mystery theme? How about Far Light Saga (, Gossamer Commons ( or BattleGate ( ?

    I just hope you get a job soon, so you have time again for The Jaded ;-)


  2. I don't really see how any of those qualify as "mystery themed" comics. They're all primarily fantasy (in GC's case, modern-day fantasy) and I didn't see any whodunit elements.

  3. Mystery? Well, The DADA Detective (, Private Eye Butterfly (, and, to a lesser extent, Front Beat ( or Tanatos ( would probably qualify, but I can't think of many

  4. Heeeeeey Ping! I have nothing worthy to add since I don't know any comics (what kind of webcomic loser am I anyway?) but I'm glad to see the Finds back and kicking!

    Good luck with the jobs :D

  5. Woohoo! She lives! Glad to hear you're still with us.

  6. Thanks for the suggestions everyone! Keep em comin!

    I've checked a few out, and some of them really look promising. don't worry if the comic isn't 100% mystery. All stories have an element of mystery, it's just how big a part that plays in it.

    Yes I'm happy to be back and alive. My main problem is not falling asleep in front of the keyboard.

  7. Ping :) Nice to see you back. I've recently discovered a comic that is like grown-up Tintin, the story is more cliffhanger than mystery but it does have a mysterious evil mastermind... It's really one of the best wecomics I've read, I can't recommend it enough :)

  8. Oh sod it, it's cut the link in 1/2. Well, it's on my links page anyway :)
    It's called the Rainbow Orchid.

  9. I might maybe have made the murder nystery comic i have been sort of planning for ages by 2008, watch out for it XD

    If you can find a forbidden planet that keeps thier back issues of 2000AD on the shelves, collect the recent "breathing space" storyline too

  10. The creators of the Dada Detective certainly do appreciate the plug. :)

    And might we also suggest Nathanial Bright (
    and No Rest for thr Wicked (

    Most excellent comics with mystery as well.