Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Comicgenesis is Catatonic?

So I haven't been able to update The Longest Sojourn this week due to the site and server being down every time I've tried.

I wonder what's going on?

I guess that kinda rules out me doing any reviews of any CG comics either :(


  1. The TLS site's coming up okay for me right now, and I haven't noticed any trouble with CG sites lately (I check one or two pretty frequently).

  2. Figures, the moment I start complaining it goes back to normal just to make a fool of me ;)

    Ok now that I'm done purging the blog of spam comments, back to updating my comic and picking the starting point for season 2...

  3. Nice to see you back, Ping :) and now I can bookmark this place again!

  4. Yay, the return of the Ting. The Deathworld review is still hilarious... even though i actually liked classic deathworld. Guess you have to have the "right" sense of humour XD