Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Three Years is a very short time.

And yet it is a very long time as well. So many things have happened I don't think I recognize webcomic-dom anymore.

Oh scratch that, I don't think it can even be called webcomics-dom anymore. On return from my self-imposed exile from the world of webcomics I find that it seems more "mainstream" than newspaper comics nowadays. Certainly none of that "GOSH! They've got comics on the web!" vibe it used to exude!

Admiteedly I am no longer a dewy-eyed idealistic college student. Maybe a little older, (the wiser part is debatable) and maybe a little bit more cynical and jaded (sorry, I had to make that pun), but still with a love for comics and writing...

Well I guess it will make re-exploring webcomics a little bit more interesting then!


  1. You thought nobody would notice, didn't you?

  2. *chuckle* I have to admit... I didn't think they would this quickly.

  3. there have been some pretty big changes... Zuda, wordpress, it's mostly all hosting. the comics themselves have actually returned to a more traditiona approach, much like the mentioned newspaper strips.

    It's pretty cool that you're diving back in again. I read that post like you were going to end it 'which is why I'm not coming back'.

  4. Well my main observation is that there really is not much of a line between traditional comics and webcomics anymore. The differences between them are blurring away, pretty much like other online media.

    I think it's a good thing, we wasted far too much energy in the PRINT COMICS vs WEBCOMICS mentality anyway...

    Zuda eh? I might have a look at that.

  5. Welcome back. I to had a break and am coming back. Will subscribe to feed.