Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Stopover at LinT: Hooray for Happy Creepy Grins!

This seems to be a good week for memorable webcomic moments. First we get someone being clouted in the face with a shoe, then we get this:

Given that in the entire comic run of LinT I don't think we've ever seen Zedwig even come close to a smile, that cheesy grin is creepier than what he's saying. Even more so when technically Fang (that's the blonde) supposedly has Zedwig under mind-control.

On another note, I'm going to be away for the week (why yes, I'll be busy traveling again. Life imitates art and all that). I'm going to get my advanced open water.

If I'm behind on mail... you'll know it's because I'm busy 30m underwater ;)

With an underwater slate maybe.

Yes I am incorrigible.


  1. The scuba is all part of your covert ops training isn't it? ;-)

    Have fun! If it was Sydney you were visiting I'd say look out for sharks, they seem to be a bit peckish in these parts lately. Just carry some bat-shark-repellant and you'll be fine!

    BTW - I quite like your shorter 'look at this'and postcard posts.

  2. that is one amazing grin.