Monday, May 04, 2009

Stopover at Dovecote Crest: Romantic Moments That Make You Go: "YAAY!"!

I'm not a fan of romance in comics. Probably because most of the time, they feel very contrived, cliched or just badly done in general.

All that said, this week's installment of The Battle of Dovecote Crest had me punching my fist into the air and going "YAAAY!"

And I love how I absolutely can't predict what will happen next. 

It's a nice moment, especially after all the trouble they had over the ComicDish being hacked fiasco. Glad to see they have their own site now.

Hm one of these days I need to try out and write about Comicpress. And Twitter. 

I think part of me is holding out on getting a Twitter for this blog. I really should, since I update on whim it would be easier for my readers to keep up. *sigh* It's just... the whole join-the-Borg feeling it gives out... 


  1. Re: Twitter... I felt the same way, then I decided to start tweeting as one of my Magellan characters (Charisma) - and have found it to be lots of fun. I doubt I could tweet as myself since my life is no where near as exciting as she thinks hers is but I can see how micro blogging can be useful for what your doing here. The 140 character limit means you can get out about 40-50 words max but it does help to make one be very succinct. I could be wrong, but you might be able to auto-transfer any tweets across to this blog also - if that's so then you can make those tweets the real postcards about any webcomic you happen to be reading at any moment, giving a very brief comment about the specific webcomic. I did a search for tweets with the word webcomic and it's fairly common to see people writing that they are reading such and such webcomic. Interesting communications medium, not perfect by any stretch of the imagination... but fun. Will see how long the novelty lasts!

  2. OMG I know I saw this page yesterday and was so happy! XD haha I'm not usually one for romance comics, but the build up for dovecote was great, was awesome to see them finally get together! :P
    I'm on twitter now, dont usually get into these things, but twitter is useful in that theres a limit to how much you write, meaning I can catch up quickly and easily with the random thoughts of people. Good if you're a busy person!

  3. Well I've been thinking about a recent flaw I discovered in my writing: It's too bloody long-winded. Sure some people enjoy long-winded, but more often that not the meandering thought patterns cause people to miss the point completely.

    I do think my Postcards are getting too long to be called Postcards now. The Postcards were supposed to be something rather like "Dear Abby" columns... but they somehow ballooned into almost full-fledged journal entries. Maybe I should rename them Postboxes instead.

    Twitter would be great for something rather like my Stopovers, but I have a feeling people who have specifically asked me for Postcards would be disappointed if my response were limited to 50 words.

    I think I will at least impose a word limit on my Postcards from now on though. Maybe 500 words or something. My last Postcard was something like 1,200!

    The other thing would be actually tracking my comments while working on a review. Rather similar to the "First Impressions" section of a normal Journey Leg entry. Hmm...