Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Landmark #1: "Webcomic Finds" Evolves into "Lonely Panel"

In all honesty, I never really liked the generic sounding-ness of "Webcomic Finds", so when I hit a chord on that topic in my last Hotspot, I decided to seize the opportunity and claim "Lonely Panel" which I really liked the sound of. 

I've frequently described Webcomic Finds as a "Lonely Planet for Webcomics", so it seemed appropriate that I end up with a final name with a multitude of comic-related meanings to play on. Including a pun. *evil laughter* 

I'll be working on reworking the blog and eventually my other works under the Lonely Panel name :D. And yeah I'm working on a new header too. 

I'd just like to take a minute to thank everyone for following Webcomic Finds so far. It's time to broaden the scope now, so I hope you will all continue to enjoy Lonely Panel.

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