Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Stopover at Art Patient: Hero Review and Teething Problems...

IT would appear that I chose a bad time to switch to a domain name, as it seems Blogger's just been hit with a problem that left them unable to forward readers from to . This problem seems to be affecting all blogger sites, so I'm worried about anyone accessing using the old address being unable to find the blog :(

I kind of miss the old header, but hopefully this temporary one I made will hold the fort until I have some time to sit down and design a better one.

Teething problems norwithstanding...

In some other news, Delos over at ArtPatient reviewed Hero as well, so you can head over, have a gander and do a comparison with my recent review.

Ah well, back to troubleshooting *grumble*


  1. It's redirecting fine for me. There's an intermediate page that warns about possible malware, and then boom.

    In other news, WHOA NEW BANNER.

  2. Hm... It's the Safari browser I think. For some reason whatever they did made the redirect not recognizable to it... :(

  3. ...huh. Where does it stop, then?

  4. Basically it stops at and says the page doesn't exist :( that's going to be a problem. *sigh*

  5. Hrm. Could you reregister and manually stick a redirect script there? Or does Blogger not allow scripts in the posts?