Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Stopover at ComicDish: Of Emos and Clan of the Cats

Hm, It's been a while since I've actually looked at Comic Dish. Last I've actually heard of them they were a bunch of formerly Comic Genesis-hosted people venturing into doing their own webcomic hosting, but it appears they've been doing podcasts and news as well. (Man... I remember when Digital Strips was the only webcomics podcast around!)

And for a long time too. Damn. I hate being out of touch after that 3 year absence.

This week apparently my renaming of the blog merited a little mention in their latest podcast (#80) although it seems none of them actually got the point of the name change... 

Can't blame them for not understanding if they have never heard of Lonely Planet though. Still I did think the jokes about self-harm were in rather bad taste. I suppose they were trying to be funny.

I did start out this blog intending to "give exposure to lesser known webcomic gems", but since blog's purposes did change from just exploring webcomics to studying, understanding and exploring what can be further done in comics, and I don't really see "webcomics" as a cause anymore, I prefer something more flexible with its meaning. And less generic.

Lonely Panel
  1. A pun on Lonely Planet, a popular travel guide to exploring new destinations. 
  2. A reference to a panel of people discussing a topic, in this case, comics.
  3. A reference to my intention of exploring the limits of single panel comic hybrids next.

*chuckle* Still, that's the first time I've heard of this blog being associated with emo... *looks up at header banner featuring a scuba diver flashing a cheesy happy grin*. Emo, eh? *keeps straight face* Riiighhtt...

Anyway, if you can endure some of the prattling, there's some interesting first-hand feedback and discussion on Comicpress, as well as a lot of other interesting news and titbits. Just be warned... they are a little long-winded.

It must be said... I can't help but wonder how in the blazes anyone who is seriously involved in webcomics reporting can actually refer to Jamie Robertson's Clan of the Cats as "A comic called Clan of the Cats"? (BTW, Happy 10th anniversary, COTC!).

A few years ago that wouldn't have been possible. It used to be that any comic in Keenspot... everyone would know it. I guess it's that whole fragmentation thing coming into play again. Things have certainly changed a lot.

In any case, something to think about while I'm away for the weekend.

Yes I AM going scuba diving again. However did you guess?! ;)


  1. I couldn't agree more with you about Comic Dish's comments being in VERY poor taste, but I guess that is kinda their thing.

    Have fun Scuba Diving!

  2. "Lonely Panel" is a clever pun... but clearly too clever for some!