Thursday, June 11, 2009

Stopover at This Week In Webcomics: Rice Boy

This Week in Webcomics has done a review of Rice Boy, which I also reviewed back on my 39th Journey Leg.
The fun thing about having more than on review is that people see different facets of the same thing, so it's worth a read to compare the different styles and perspectives present. 
Honestly I think we need to come up with a system to link all the reviews from different review sites in a directory so it's easy to see if more than one person has reviewed a comic... Heh a comic review aggregator... I wonder if Comixpedia can be appropriated for this purpose?
ps: I apologize if the format comes out wierd, I'm trying out the mobile blogging thingmajig here...


  1. Yes! Appropriate Comixpedia! To my thinking, that sort of thing is precisely what it's for.

  2. @Aoede: I was pleasantly surprised at how well it turned out. Though I could have watched my spelling but it's nice to not have blogged using my comp for once!

    @Jackson: *chuckle* If only there was some way of doing it automatically so this lazy reviewer wouldn't have to do manual entries ;)

  3. Okay, this is only slightly even related to your post, but having followed your link to TWIW, I now have a burning question:

    Who is Jackson Ferrell?

    The name --

    Ooh. Wait. I suddenly remember now. There used to be a microfiction blog, 55 a Day, and one of the frequent writers was named Jackson Ferrell. So the burning question now becomes, is that the same person? Except I should probably ask him and not you, because you know, it's him.

    Sorry for spamming up your post >.>