Thursday, June 04, 2009

Stopover with Dolphins: Diving Doodles

I apologize for the long silence folks. No I didn't drown on my diving trip or anything.

But I did drown in work when I came back.

In fact right now, I'm positively inundated with work which is being done in-between training sessions. It's seriously killing me. I need another diving trip already.

I'm putting finishing touches to the Black in Black Pinging Art entry, but in the meantime, allow me to distract you with diving comic stuff I did on my portable sketchpad (A very fancy name for two pieces of cardboard, ring binders and cheap printer paper I cobbled together)

The pictures were taken by my dive buddies, all with awesome photography skills!

After seeing water like that, the only thing you can think of is jumping in...

In my defense, I wasn't the one who came up with this joke...

... but I sure was the one who immortalized it in comic form!

Things to do during your surface intervals...

Walk the plank...

Imitate a floating starfish...

Irritate a REAL starfish...

(No I didn't hurt it in any way and I gently put it back where I found it after I picked it up)

All in all a good trip, the highlight of which was a pod of six wild dolphins showing up and swimming alongside the boat for a while. How can that NOT be awesome?!

Aaaand distraction over. Watch out for Back in Black maybe next week, and after that you'll be glad to hear I'll be getting on to another round of reviews again :) Happy webcomicking!


  1. Feel like I just had a brief vacation myself, heh. Thanks for sharing that account.


  2. *chuckle* Maybe I should consider doing advertising for PADI now, since I'm inadvertently doing it anyway.

  3. Holy crap! That's a starfish???


    That's... guh. Whoa.

  4. It's called a cushion starfish, believe it or not that was not a the biggest one... they grow even bigger and in different colors.