Sunday, August 09, 2009

This Rolling Stone Wants To Gather Some Moss

The nice part about cafes with wifi is that when you're moving house and have no internet connection set up: you can still log in and do a quick blurb on your blog.

This does not apply if you are overwhelmed at work, your colleagues are dropping like flies because H1N1 means anyone with flu symptoms gets sent home for a week, and it sucks to be the healthy ones left. 

Anyways, I'm moving house. It's tiring.

After this I have another diving trip. I think I need it ^_^;;

And after this apparently I'm being sent off to some other country for a long period of time for the benefit of the company I work for. Again. 

Now that's an improvement.

In the meantime... *sniff*  [SPOILER WARNING IF YOU CLICK ON THAT LINK]


  1. "Anyways, I'm moving house. It's tiring."

    Well, they ARE pretty heavy...

  2. Ping's a strong woman... she could move a whole block of apartments if she wanted! Maybe even a mansion!

  3. Well, may not be too far off! People do move houses in Malaysia:

    Can't wait to see the new apartment though, Ping!

  4. *chuckle* you guys...

    Yeah the moving house part is easy... it's the packing unpacking everything that kills me, really.