Saturday, August 07, 2010

Pinging Art #4: A Sordid Confession Where I Admit I Miss The Feel of Pen On Paper

My Dear Wacom Intuos 4 Tablet,

I love you. I really do.

Almost a year ago I brought you into my life to fill the gap which my dear faithful Graphire 2 of many years left, and you have fulfilled and exceeded my expectations. Well mostly.

But recently I have been finding it hard to get my art flowing, and for some reason I keep finding these little scribbles everywhere: On my Post-it note pad at work, on the back pages of presentation printouts, on the margins of discarded documents and the flaps of junk mail envelopes...

The truth is, I miss the feel of pen on paper. You are wonderful for colouring and inking, but your feel is that of a paintbrush, and goddamnit I cannot scribble with a paintbrush. I need the tactile feel and texture of dead tree pulp and the friction of a ink-smeared bearing or graphite stick against it. Somehow when these conditions are met my mood for drawing spikes and while sitting in front of the computer... it doesn't.

Also, staring at the screen all day at work and then coming home to stare at a screen again isn't doing wonders for my eyesight.

I guess I ought to go with what works then.

Never fear, I do not regret my association with you, and you will still be a valued member of amy artistic arsenal. But just not for the rough work. Just think of it as me giving you more refined tasks.

Now excuse me while I go pacify that dratted Canon scanner.

It's been sulking for a year and refuses to communicate with my new laptop.

Maybe it knows it has about four pages of roughs for my comic to scan in.